Påtroppende møter internasjonal presse

Sonderende pressekonferanse, Oslo. Overtid. Slitne, alle sammen.

– Next please.
– Reuters. Mrs Solberg, are you getting any closer to the other three?
– I am so glad you asked that question. It’s a good question.
– Yes. That is why I asked it.
– You have to ask the god damned Kristelig Flakseparti.
– Ok. Mr Haraid. Are you approaching an agreement?
– Oh. Oh. Don’t ask me. I am so small and tender. Ask the Siv, it is much bigger than me!
– My god. Ok. Jensen.
– Yes?
– Are you getting to an…
– You are foreign, aren’t you?
– Yes, but..
– Just wait, you. I am coming after yeh!
– Umm… Skei Grande. Tell me. Is there an agreement or is it not?
– I can’t tell.
– Please.
– I won’t say.
– You can. Whisper it.
– I can not say.
– What the fuck!!! Say!!
– Ringding-ding-ding-ding-geringdeding, ringding-ding-gering-gedingeding!

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